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Options & Pricing

Everything is custom for you! If you don't see what you are looking for or have a unique idea just give Lynell a call. We love thinking outside the box.



Lifetime Guaranty:

Our coverage is for your crystals coming off the concho. We do Not cover a lost concho. We highly recommend checking all screw tightness regularly and putting glue into the hole of screw. We do not glue your Conchos In.



Conchos come in 3 finishes, Antique Silver, Bright Silver and Copper. They come in plain or with Bronc, Longhorn, Barrel Racer, Pistols, Star or Cross motifs. All hardware (screws, saddle screws) is included with Conchos.

Round Antique Silver Antique Silver
Round Bright Silver Bright Silver
Round Copper Concho Copper

Square conchos are also available in Antique Silver and Copper. Call Lynell for custom and special order prices.

Concho Sizes
Sizes Prices (All prices are with full bling)
4 inch Mega$40 (Only in Barrel Racer.)
2 3/8 inch$30
2 inch$30
1 3/4 inch$25
1 1/2 inch$20
1 1/4 inch$15
1 inch$10
3/4 inch$5
Saddle set $110 (Includes hardware to attach to saddle)

Square Conchos

These are just a couple examples, call for more choices.

Bronc Concho Square Concho Square Concho


Style Prices (Buckles come with keeper and full bling)
Square Antique Silver Buckle Square Antique Silver $20
Square Copper Buckle Square Copper $20
Scalloped Silver Buckle Bright Scalloped Silver $20


The choices in crystal is absolutely endless. This is a small sampling of what choices are available and what they look like on the conchos and buckles. Please contact us and let us know what colors inspire you.

Assorted Conchos Assorted Conchos Assorted Conchos


The ideas and choices are only limited by your imagination. We also offer Branding, Leather Stamping, Dots and Hide Overlay.

We have also done drawer and cabinet pulls, shower curtain hooks, car license plate brackets, picture frames, conchos for mirrors and furniture, conchos for buttons, cowboy hats, purses, key rings, figurines, belts, belt buckles, flip flops or sandles, and rings. We love blinging and bringing shine to your life.

  • Branding - $1 per letter
  • Leather Stamping - Call for quote
  • Dots - $5 - $10
  • Hide Overlay - Call for quote

Starting Prices - Jewelry

Call for custom and specialty pricing.

  • Earings - Pierced or Clips $20 (3/4 inch), $30 (1 inch), $40 (1 1/4 inch)
  • Hammered Bracelets - Narrow $10, Wide $20
  • Stone Necklaces - $35
  • Stamped Tags - $5 plus .50 cent per letter, when you buy 3 stamped tags, chain or cord is included

Starting Prices - Tack

All prices are before bling and customization and also will change with style changes. We also can bling bits, saddle conchos, reins, snaps, chaps, chinks and splint boots. If you have an idea for an awesome customization let us know.

  • Spur Straps - $40 to $50
  • Wither Straps - $10
  • Head Stalls - $65 to $75
  • Breast Collars - $80 to $95
  • Tie Downs - $50
  • Bronc Halters - Nylon $55, All Leather $65, Rope Bronc Halter with lead $25

Dog Collars

Standard dog collars are $10 before adding cochos and a bling buckle (see concho and buckle prices at top of page). You can order specialty collars with dots, hide overlay, stamping, branding, scalloped leather or just about anything you can think of. Call for quotes.